K2W Lights - Yellow Electrical Supply
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K2W Lights

K2W Lights UG & Co. KG


”More light, less energy”


K2W Lights produces primarily the following items:
-Maritime navigation lights
-Energy saving lighting systems
-UV-LED lamps
-Custom-made production, etc.


The LED – navigation lights S64 have been tested, approved and certified by the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agengy (BSH) of the Federal Republic of Germany and DNV Germanischer LLoyd (DNV GL) according to the EU regulations. Navigation lights of S64 Series are now also available as an explosion  protected version for Zones 2 and 22.


Module B
Module B13
Module D


1    Series S64 for vessels over 50 m
The lights may be used for vessels that are longer than 20 m.

2    Series S64 for boats up to 50 m
The balance between low energy and extremely long durability.

3    Series S64 for boats up to 20 m
LED Tricolour light with anchor light 2 nm.

4    Spot light LED 49XRE
Compact, bright, energy efficient spot light with 3 high power LED’s.

5    Spreader Light LED Spot 83SN
The new LED extremely bright built in spot light.


More product information: Catalogue